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Welcome to Cabarete, DR!

Cabarete is the Caribbean and the World’s water sports Capital, an ideal spot for all kinds of aquatic activities and adventures. It is located in Puerto Plata, a province very close to Sosúa. This district is the best destination in the Dominican Republic for practicing surf, windsurf, kitesurf and wing foil.

The beloved Cabarete Bay is very popular for its perfect weather conditions, winds and amazing waves.


There are different beaches and areas to practice different aquatic sports along its coast, the most known and popular are:
Cabarete Beach, the main area located in the Cabarete city centre, ideal to practice kitesurfwing foilwindsurf and also stand up paddle surf, thanks to its location and the many schools that you can find right on the beach.
Kite Beach is located 2 km away from Cabarete, and it is famous for its strong winds and big waves, which are perfect to practice kitesurf and surf.
Encuentro Beach is located 4 km away from Cabarete and is the most visited beach in the whole Caribbean region, due to its surf school.
La Boca is an area located 7 km away from Cabarete, and it is the spot to be for all wakeboard lovers.

Cabarete is a vibrant touristic destination: it has luxury hotels, many shops and restaurants and a welcoming community of both locals and expats that live here, making it a typical Dominican town with an international atmosphere.
The best of both worlds!