The Ultimate Guide to Getting to Cabarete from Anywhere in the Country

Going to a new place when you don’t know how to get around is something many travelers deal with day in and day out. Even though technology helps us find the best ways to reach our destination, having clear information to plan ahead for the easiest route is always useful.

Knowing all about the transportation choices is super important when you’re planning to visit Cabarete. It helps you budget for travel costs and optimize the use of your time while enjoying your stay on the beautiful northern coast of the Dominican Republic.

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Getting around town

When traveling to the Dominican Republic, you’ll have a variety of transportation options to reach your destination, which can be as diverse as the accommodation choices available on the island. Depending on the region you’re flying into, you can find options ranging from regular taxi services to Uber, exclusive tours to luxury bus services. In this guide, we’ll break down the prices for trips to Cabarete, a prime destination on the Dominican North coast, from different points and airports within the country:


Gregorio Luperon Airport / Puerto Plata Airport (POP)

Located approximately 25-30 minutes from Cabarete. Make sure to confirm the fare with the driver and carry enough cash, as some drivers might not have change.

  • By Private Taxi
  • Aprox.US$90
  • Private Taxi: Will cost around US$90 and the travel time is from 25-40 minutes.
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  • By Bus
  • Aprox.US$30
  • If you prefer to take a Bus you first need to take a private taxi (approx. USD $20) or an Uber (less expensive) from the Airport to the Caribe Tours Bus station. There you will buy a ticket towards Sosúa. This will cost $200 Dominican pesos (around US$4).
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  • By Public Transportation
  • Approx.US$1-3
  • Public transportation can be accessed by walking around 1 km outside the Puerto Plata Airport towards the main avenue. Cross the avenue and wait for the bus (usually a minivan) or public car (an old shared taxi). Wave to the approaching vehicle and it will stop to pick you up. If you use this service you must get off and switch vehicles in Sosua, just 10 minutes from the airport, The journey will take from 20 to 30 minutes total.
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Sosúa - Cabarete

It is one of the closest cities to Cabarete, so the trip might take between 10 and 15 minutes by carrito, taxi, or mototaxi. Transportation from Sosua to Cabarete could cost you from US$1 to US$10 depending on the transportation service of your choice. The rates are as follows:

  • Private taxi: The fee is approximately DOP$500 (US$10).
  • Public Guagua or Carrito: The cost would be DOP$ 40 pesos (less than US$1).
  • Mototaxi or Motoconcho: The fee may vary, but the cost is approximately DOP$300 (About US$6).

Within the Cabarete area

In Cabarete, it is always recommended to take a taxi, it is the fastest, most efficient, and most comfortable way to travel, and, additionally, local drivers know every corner of this beautiful coastal city. Here, using the services of a private taxi costs approximately US$12 (DOP$600), but it could vary depending on the time and distance traveled using the service.

Another option to explore the city is to use public transportation. If you enjoy immersing yourself into the life of the cities you visit, the options are to go by guagua or public carrito. Locally, these services cost approximately US$1 (DOP$50) and you will need to locate them on the main roads and avenues.

But if you are an adventure seeker who enjoys an adrenaline rush you’ll probably love the motorcycle taxi service. This type of motorcycle transport is popularly known as motoconcho in the Dominican Republic and is one of the preferred transportation methods due to the ease of access to almost any corner of the city and its affordable prices. Using the service of a motoconchoi can be a little more expensive than using a carrito or public guagua, but its use can save you time and take you directly to where you need to be in a matter of minutes. Your fare will be approximately US$6 (DOP$300).


  • Min.US$90
  • *Pricing if you're using private taxi services, the best option since they offer comfort and efficiency. Around 2 hours of trip up. If you prefer the bus transportation services, this option offers the advantage of being cheaper and offering amenities for a more pleasant trip. From the airport, you can take a taxi to the Caribe Tours bus station for only US$20 with a trip headed toward Sosúa. Once at the station, the ticket costs around DOP$200 (US$4). This will leave you in the Sosúa town, after making a stop in Puerto Plata. Then you'll need to take public transportation there towards Cabarete (see pricing and instructions above)
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  • Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ)
  • Min.US$150
  • From Las Américas International Airport the trip is approximately 3.5 hours for a cost of US$190 for private taxi services. If you choose to use cheaper means of transportation you can take private taxi services for US$25 or Uber (less expensive) to the Caribe Tours bus station. The same dynamic applies, the bus will take you to Sosua, where you must use the taxi, carrito, guagua, or motoconcho services to Cabarete.
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  • Punta Cana Airport (PUJ)
  • Approx.US$400
  • A journey of approximately 6.5 hours. Private taxi services from Punta Cana to Cabarete cost about US$400 (the rate may vary depending on the company). If you use the bus transportation services, you will need two different buses to get to Cabarete. From Punta Cana, you can use the Bavaro Express station to Santo Domingo for a total cost of DOP$400 (about US$8). Once in the Capital, from Parque Enriquillo take an Uber or taxi, for a rate of DOP$200 to 300 (about US$4 to 5) to the Caribe Tour Bus Station that will take you to Sosua making several stops along the way. This is a cheaper version but will take significant more time.
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